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Pophams founder Ollie returned to London after a 7 year stint working in catering and logistics for Formula 1. He was eager to continue exploring his passion for food and quickly found a job working as a chef at a small restaurant near the canal in North London. It was during his time there that the opportunity arose to take on a derelict chemist and turn his dream of opening a bakery into a reality.

After a small investment from close family he and Pophams’ first employee Fraser set to work in April 2017. The pair turned to Youtube videos to learn everything from plumbing to tiling and Pophams slowly started to take shape. Special thanks to our friends Olivia Elias who designed the logo, Freddie Dodson who made the beautiful woodwork inside our bakery using a rare Japanese technique called kanna and of course to Fraser, the ultimate DIY extraordinaire.


After interviewing baker after baker, Ollie knew the second he met Florin that he would be the one to help him bring Pophams to life. Florin waited patiently for the completion of the bakery, often dropping in to help paint or grout the tiles. Following a 6 month build and a huge amount of hurdles Pophams finally opened its doors on 26th October 2017. 

If you have been to the bakery you will have certainly noticed our stoneware made by local ceramicist Jess Joslin. Jess was introduced to Ollie by his mother Yvonna who exhibits Jess’s work in her beautiful west London gallery, Flow. Yvonna’s love for all things artisan has been a huge influence on Pophams look and feel.

Pophams couldn’t do what it does today without its incredible team of passionate and talented staff. We understand it is at times an intense and fast paced environment to work in but we never fail to be proud of how our team respond to the challenge. It is important to us that Pophams is a fun working environment where every member of staff has the opportunity to grow and develop their interests, and we are always looking for like-minded and enthusiastic people to join our team. Please check out careers page for information on current opportunities. 

Heads of Department



Prior to opening Pophams, Ollie had spent many years travelling around the world working in hospitality. He has always had a goal to own a place thats focus is on refining a specific culinary art. So Pophams was born with a vision to produce outstanding viennoiserie. Based in a North London coffee shop with a creative and community environment. A place where people can come and indulge and create their own rituals

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FLORIN - Executive Baker

Florin came to us with a lot of experience and has worked in some of the leading bakeries of today. His passion and love for each and every pastry is the foundation of what we produce. Its fundamental Florin and his team have the resources and freedom they need to develop and test new flavours and ways to bake, with Florin always leading the charge. He is passionate, innovative and committed and we have no doubt this shines through in every single bite. 


LUCY - Creative & Marketing

Lucy’s love for design, photography and interiors is reflected in so many areas of the Pophams brand. Her previous work alongside Creative Directors in both the Fashion and PR industries has given her the expertise to help grow the company from a start-up using social media and marketing. Lucy is always on the look out for local collaborators such as artists, ceramicists and photographers to work with.



Antonio, an exceptional barista and fascinated by the diversity of the caffeine industry and different methods used to make a cup of coffee. Antonio works closely with Ozone to ensure we always keep up to date with the new blends and trends in this ever-growing industry. He is dedicated to nurturing our staff and invested in their development as baristas. When he is not knee deep in coffee you’ll find him in the boxing ring!