The maple bacon croissant has landed in London

“The maple bacon croissant is the work of Pophams Bakery, a new café in Islington. They have frequently sold out by 10am — you have to hotfoot it there fast to get your fix."

Evening Standard


Pophams; Islington’s best new bakery and a slice of home baked heaven…

“ The recently opened Pophams in Islington is a peachy example of why I truly love this sort of food. It tastes wonderful, it’s satisfying and breathes life back into your body on the sort of February day that hibernation or emigration were made for and it’s pretty.”

Edible Angel


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“ Better on a normal weekday are the less-hailed elements of the Pophams offering: a cosy room, modishly hygge stoneware, and a sourdough loaf of real crust and chew.”

London Eater



Pastries flakier than your old school friends

"The bacon maple croissant is just one of the handmade artisan bakes that make this place worth visiting again and again; salty, sweet, crunchy, flaky, and sacreligiously good. Snuggle up with your dainty cappuccino and watch the world go by, or get it to go along with a loaf of sourdough (and maybe five other pastries!)"

Top City Bites


London's best mince pies

"The new Popham’s Bakery in Islington specialises in sourdough bread and laminated dough treats including their mince pie creation, which combines their wonderful flaky croissant with a mincemeat filling. Marvel at the layers, and covet their beautiful plates."

About Time


Treat Yourself To Middle Eastern Croissants

“It may only have opened at the beginning of the year, but Pophams Bakery in Islington has quickly gained a reputation for its truly delicious, verging on genius, pastries. We're thinking about that maple-bacon croissant in particular... ”